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Mount Isa Dirt Bike Club Inc.

Racing with our club is the safest way to enjoy riding. There are no trees to run into, no vehicles coming the otherway, and the Ambulance is at the track in case you do fall off. Thats way safer than riding around the scrub!

And you don't need to be Chad Reed to race. I race, and I'm so slow I get lapped by just about everyone. But I still have heaps of safe fun, and have fun talking to all the riders between races. 

Kelvin says...

Mount Isa Dirt Bike Club Inc. is located at Jubilee Park on the right hand side of the Barkly Highway, going west from Mount Isa (opposite the airport).

The club has 120 members and has established clubhouse and spectator area and a lighted football oval for camping. 

Amenities include toilets and hot & cold running showers, grand stand and shade, BBQ area and canteen, which operates on practice/coaching days and race days. 

The track consists of a topsoil-based track, over a 1.3 kilometres in length with berms, tabletops and rollers. The track and runs anti-clockwise with a left hand turn off the start. We have 30 self-penalising gates and LARGE pit garage for Transport Vehicles and also a large parking area on the oval for spectators.

Spectators have a full view of the entire track and a 2-metre spectator mound and grand stand with shade to view from. The facility is one of the best in the state for the sport.

This club offers training for pee wee to senior trail bikes and quads classes from 50cc to 650cc.We cater for motocross, enduro and Trials riders.
Be sure to get in touch to find out more details for beginners or to find out when the next practice day or motocross meeting is on.