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Mount Isa Dirt Bike Club Inc.

Racing with our club is the safest way to enjoy riding. There are no trees to run into, no vehicles coming the otherway, and the Ambulance is at the track in case you do fall off. That's way safer than riding around the scrub!

Kelvin Says...

For the 2009 season our track has undergone some major changes. We have changed the layout and added some more jumps, the main goal of changing the track was to make the track more fun and challenging for all levels of riders and also more enjoyable for spectators.

If you have had any interest in racing motocross now is the time to come out and give it a go! I can guarantee you will hooked. Come out to our open day on Sunday 8th of Febuary.

I'd like to thank Gary, Glen, Dennis, Greg and all the others who came out to the working bee and put the hard yards in to finish the track changes, I really appreciate it. 

Kelvin Gregor - President

Support our supporters

Please visit our sponsors page, check out the people that are putting money and time into our club, and make sure you support them. Without their generosity, we wouldn't be racing.

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