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News and Information

ROUND 5 results are here. Click on the trophy.


(no PDF? get it here then)

A few things that you need to know are...


Those without a licence, the 1 day race licence costs $44 (not the $20 that the 1 day recreational licence cost!)

Senior nominations are $25 + $5 per additional class
Junior nominations are $20 + $5 per additional class

However, to keep things 'family friendly', no family membership group or individual rider will pay more than $50 for nominations (excludes day licence costs) E.G. if a father and two children race in an event each ($25 + $20 + $20) we only charge the family $50.


This Friday (5:30pm), Saturday morning (9:00am) and arvo (5:30pm) are water times. No watering, no racing.


We need 7 flaggies with our new track. Any less, and we pack up and go home. Please bring partners, parents or just grab a mate.


- Closed in shoes are needed in the pit area.
- Bikes should only be ridden slowly - Helmets on!
- Bikes are NOT to be ridden outside of the pits/track (i.e past fence into spectator/canteen area).

We realise the 'wash bay' is in this area, so you can access it, but you MUST push your bikes/quads to the wash area. Wash area will change for TNQ



7:00am - Venue opens, nominations taken, sruitineering begins
7:45am - Riders briefing (all must attend) AND nominations/scruitineering closes
8:00am - Sighting laps begin

Anyonoe arriving AFTER riders breifing will NOT be racing. Riders that make the briefing, but need nominations/scruitineering done MIGHT RACE, but it's at the descretion of the officials (who will be getting ready to race too!)


SNR - 1) bike 2) rider 3) gear 4) licence 5) receipt
JNR - 1) bike 2) rider 3) gear 4) licience 5) receipt 6) log book

Without the above, rider will be asked to go get the above.


1 - quads
2 - Vets and ladies
3 - 85-150
4 - Snr Open
5 - Jnr Lites
6 - 50 div 2
7 - Novice
8 - 65
9 - Snr lites
10 - 50 div 1

Some classes might be combined depending upon numbers (novice and Snr lites being the most obvious example)

If anyone gets some good pics, please send them to me to put up.